Akira Lane

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  • Origin:Japan 
  • Ethnicity:Asian 
  • Birthdate:June 9, 1981 
  • Eye Color:Brown 
  • Hair Color:Brunette 
  • Cup:D 
  • Measurements:75-64-89 
  • Height:163cm (5′ 4″) 

During her youth, she lived in Okinawa, Japan with her parents. Her mother was Ryukyuan and her father a native Hawaiian.

She attended American schools in Okinawa. In high school, she became the lead cheerleader.

In 2000, she moved to Norfolk, Virginia to attend Old Dominion University. She vacationed in California and decided to move to San Diego, where she worked at a local plastic distributor while waiting for San Diego State University to accept her transcripts. After being accepted into San Diego State, she succeeded in getting a B.A. in International Business.

After graduation, she sold financial programs to automobile dealerships and repossessed cars. Around 2000, she grew tired of that job and moved to California's Orange County, where she became a computer application sales representative.

Lane's adult entertainment career began later in 2000 when, on a dare and slightly intoxicated with tequila, she posed for a male friend who posted the pictures to an online forum. Lane then began modelling, eventually appearing in the June 2002 issue of Playboy and the December 2002 issue of Sexual Prime.

She also runs the Pantyhose Lane website, an adult website specializing in pantyhose pornography, and occasionally does bondage modelling."





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